Outdoor Expeditions, Books and Videos specializes in books and videos dealing with hunting North American wild sheep, mountain goats, and bears. Several videos are available on field evaluation of trophy animals. Duncan Gilchrist, formerly a full time Alaskan Outfitter, Duncan spent many years with over 100 days in the field.


Duncan Gilchrist was a naturalist and big game hunter eminently qualified to write books and produce videos. Duncan began hunting as a young boy. His quest in the pursuit of big game took him from Alaska, to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the North West Territories and British Columbia, along with the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri, Louisiana and Illinois. As a bush pilot he logged 6,000 hours flying a Cub. Gilchrist spent well in excess of 140 days a year hunting and photographing big game.