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FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN COMPLETELY ON CARIBOU HUNTING ON CARIBOU by Duncan Gilchrist contains 176 pages, 6X9 inch format, approximately 70 photographs. If you are planning a caribou hunt this book should be considered as must reading. The author, Duncan Gilchrist, has been hunting caribou for nearly four decades. The book covers all five species of caribou recognized by the Boone and Crockett Club. There is an entire section on hunting caribou which include: Where To Go, Rifles and Selected Hunting Equipment, Field Care of the Caribou, Trophy Judging and Scoring and A Short Course on Caribou Hunting. There are many chapters covering Duncan’s experiences as a caribou hunter. Chapters include: Hunting the Mackenzie Mountains of the N.W.T. – 1993 and 1996, Bulls of the Chistochina – The 1960’s, The Nelchina Herd – The Way It Was, The Mulchatna – The Way It Is – The 1990’s, Adventures in the Arctic in Pursuit of the Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou, Bulls of the North Slope of the Brooks Range – 1975 and finally Hunting the Quebec Caribou – 2000. Hunting consultant Jack Atcheson Jr. wraps up the book with a chapter on telling the way it is in a chapter titled Planning the Hunt.

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